This is an acoustic cover of the Gin Blossom’s “Til I hear it from you” that my sister Mindi Thomas and I did together in a couple of hours just for fun.  We were listening to the Empire Records soundtrack and we both love this song.

oh michelle!! u make me happy!!

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Even when it gets stressful, or intimidating, or burdensome. The work still has to be done because there’s simply nothing else worth doing.

Note to self… Do the work.


creativesomething: All it comes down to is balancing the amount of work you do with the amount of time you step back from it to think on it.

It’s not a matter of balancing laziness or procrastination, it’s a matter of balancing the action with the rest.


"You can be an artist…if you just say that you are."

- Mount Everest 

I will tenaciously hold onto that label.

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“When something you make doesn’t work, it didn’t work, not you. You, you work. You keep trying.” – Zach Klein

Photo share ;) Have an amazing weekend!!

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"A functioning brain is a changing brain.  As Dave Ackley puts it, ‘You must be impacted by experience, or there is no experience.’  This is what makes good conversations (and good living) risky.  You simply can’t get to know a person without to some degree changing them - and without to some degree, becoming them."

-Brian Christian, The Most Human Human

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Have you heard my cover of ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’ on soundcloud?

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Have you heard my cover of Landslide, one of my favorite songs.